Friday, 28 April 2017



Over my many trips to the Port Stephens area, I have slowly been trying out the different cafes and restaurants around and have decided to do a roundup of some of my all time favourite places to eat in the area.

So let's get started!!

First up is Nice Cafe: We actually found out about this cafe because of some good food reviews online and they were so right. The food is great! Try the pancakes or toasted sandwiches. Really delicious!

The Home Interior: Another great find in Nelson Bay. This cafe is a cross between a homewares and coffee shop which I love since after having your coffee or meal, you can have a browse around upstairs and have a look at the homewares. The first picture in this post was also from when we visited The Home Interior - they've got a nice selection of cakes, so perfect for a morning or afternoon stop-off.

Now - onto the restaurants:

Sandpipers: Located in the heart of Nelson Bay, this restaurant is great for a lovely dinner. And of course it has all the brownie points with that dessert above (sorry haha).

Little Beach Boathouse (not pictured): Overlooking Little Beach, this restaurant and bar has an excellent location and great food as well. It's a little more casual than Sandpipers. We went there for dinner so we didn't get the benefit of the view that much so try lunch to really appreciate that view!

And that's it for my roundup of favourite restaurants in the Port Stephens area. Hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you have any favourite places around the area as I would love to try them out sometime. - catherine x

Friday, 10 March 2017



Today, I'm sharing a few photos from a quick trip away to Shoal Bay late last year. Shoal Bay has quickly become a favourite destination for us to escape the busyness of life and the city. It is located in Port Stephens and is roughly a 3 hour drive up from Sydney. 

We stayed at the Ramada Resort in Shoal Bay as usual. It has a great location since the beach is right across the road from the hotel so it is pretty easy to pop down to the beach as you please. You can also rent a paddleboard / kayak nearby to explore the bay. I always try to make sure that I have time for a quick paddleboarding session since it is so enjoyable and you also get a bit of exercise in. The hotel also has a nice kid-friendly pool with a fountain as well as an indoor lap pool / spa. It is a short drive away from Nelson's Bay which has more shops, restaurants and cafes.

Unfortunately, we didn't take as many pictures as I thought but here are a couple of photos if you'd like to see: 

Apologies for the blurry photo - when I downloaded the photo from my camera to the computer, the image looked quite dull so this is a picture of my camera display screen since the colours looked much nicer and like real life but it is just so blurry and grainy. I tried editing the clear but dull photo but I couldn't seem to replicate the colours in this photo. *sigh* There's still a lot for me to learn in terms of photography...

If you look closely, you can see the moon just on top of the mountain :)

And that's it for my Shoal Bay photos. Stay tuned for some cafe / food recommendations around the Port Stephens area - catherine x

Monday, 30 January 2017



After neglecting this blog for a little too long (seriously though, this is my first post of 2017 and it is nearly February), I've finally sat down on a Sunday afternoon to share some holiday photos that I took on a family trip away to Salamander Bay last September. 

Shoal Bay is usually our go-to destination for a little getaway but since we planned this holiday a little late, we ended up staying in Salamander Bay, a few suburbs away from our usual spot. However, we have since been back to the area, staying in Shoal Bay and photos from that trip will be coming soon on the blog (hopefully!) as well as a short food guide to the area. But for now, here are some photos from this trip to Salamander Bay if you'd like to see:

Even though we stayed in Salamander Bay, we spent most of the time around Nelson Bay and Shoal Bay. Nelson Bay has more shops and food options whereas Shoal Bay is pretty picturesque. The whole place becomes insanely beautiful around sunset though and golden hour is extra magical. 

We stayed at the Oaks Pacific Blue Resort which has this amazing pool/ lagoon feature that goes around the whole resort, with little apartments on both sides of the lagoon. The picture below was taken from our apartment balcony and hopefully will give you a better idea of what it was like since it is a bit difficult to explain unless you actually see it.

You can swim around the whole lagoon if you want but when we tried, it was a bit too cold (because it was still a little cold around that time of the year but in summer, this would be perfect) so we opted to go to the heated lap pool instead.

In terms of activities, it wouldn't be right without a good old trip to the beach (or many trips) and even a bit of paddleboarding if you are up for it. There is usually a place to hire them out around and it is so much fun and good exercise. You can also climb Mt Tomaree if that's your jam. The views are pretty spectacular and you have a great view of the whole area so you can have a little look at the places in the area that you want to explore next. Would definitely recommend if you have time.

Shoal Bay wharf is just my favourite. You'll find people fishing, strolling around and enjoying the view. I've also seen people jumping off the edge into the water but I've never been daring enough to try!

These little flowers are growing along the beach. So pretty!!

And that's it for my photos from this trip away. Stay tuned for more holiday photos and posts to come!! As always, thanks so much for reading - catherine x
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