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As an avid lover of delicate jewellery, I'm so pleased with the emerging popularity of this type of jewellery. There's something so special about these type of pieces - I think it is because they are perfectly understated and are like hidden gems once you notice them. Here are two of my favourite finds so far:

The turquoise triangle necklace above is by mociun. I love the tiny triangle detail and the small pop of colour it brings. It comes in other colours as well - the coral and diamond varieties are beautiful and also seem super versatile.

These kathleen whittaker earrings are my favourite earrings. Normally, I'm not too interested in earrings since I don't have my ears pierced but these caught my eye ever since I first saw them. I've seen similar earrings which are a bit wider in shape but these staple studs remain my favourite since they are just so simple and elegant.

photos from general store

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