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After recently clearing out my bookcase, I've been looking for some new items to style out my shelves with as they are a bit empty at the moment. Whilst trying to work out the best way to decorate a bookcase and looking at colour palettes and all, I have been left feeling super inspired to redecorate my whole room instead (oops!!). At the moment it's a bit mismatched and I would love the room to look more cohesive.

I've been spending quite a bit of time searching for interior inspiration online lately. At the moment, I'm leaning towards a more neutral colour palette with gold / brass details as well as some greenery thrown into the mix (and perhaps a hint of soft pink). I think these colours create a really dreamy, peaceful atmosphere - perfect for a bedroom. However, I still think that I might want to add a bit more colour into the room, maybe by switching to a more brightly coloured rug as in this picture.

Anyway, I've gathered some of my favourite finds whilst searching online and here they all are above. I particularly love the brass hello object, the glass shadow box and I just can't get over how pretty the colours of the hexagon dish are!!

LINKS: Clockwise from top left: round shelving unit, fiddle leaf fig, glass shadow box, rose coloured wire basket, striped planters, cuzco hanging chair, martini side table, moroccan trellis wool shag rug, brass hello word object, hexagon catch all dish, fluffy pillow

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