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I have always been interested in perfume and have always wanted to find a signature scent but I have never really found a fragrance that I could completely get behind since the notes were never quite right. I had almost given up on finding a perfect fragrance but my friends have raved on about Jo Malone and after testing a few out, I can now safely say that I’m a Jo Malone fan. I had always overlooked Jo Malone because of the price point and the fact that they are marketed as colognes but I’ve found that their fragrances are really sophisticated and not at all overpowering or synthetic.

After much indecision and consideration, I decided to finally take the plunge and purchase Blackberry and Bay. It is a fresh scent that I think is perfect for cool, crisp mornings around autumn / winter. Although it seems that warmer fragrances would be the perfect match for the colder months, I have found that I am more inclined to fresher scents for cooler days for some strange reason.

Anyway, I’m no perfume expert but I’ll try to describe Blackberry and Bay the best that I can:

At the shop, I could smell this intense freshness (almost citrus) up front but now I can definitely smell blackberries alongside the green notes. It is quite fresh and clean at this point. At the dry down, the berry dissipates as the scent mellows and warms up a little with a slight hint of bay. Here, I can detect woodiness and earthiness with what others have described as cedar and vetiver notes. Once settled, it is quite comfortable on the skin.

Sillage and Longevity: This is not a very heavy fragrance and I have found that after the dry down, the sillage stays quite close to the skin but I’m completely fine with that. In terms of longevity, I have found that it does last, even more-so than other perfumes that I have tried, even after a shower!! Even though I only use one spritz in the morning, at the end of the day, I can still detect a faint trace of the scent so I’m really pleased with that.

Overall: I would definitely describe this fragrance as fresh, quite clean and fruity as well but not in the typical sense or in the way you might imagine. It’s hard to describe but it is definitely something special in my books. It is a more understated, subtle and discreet scent and it is not overtly feminine (more unisex) so this may not appeal to everyone but definitely test it out if you are near a counter.

I’m really glad that I picked this fragrance up and I’m looking forward to maybe purchasing Nectarine Blossom and Honey when it becomes slightly warmer at the end of the year (and maybe try fragrance combining then?!)

Do you have a favourite fragrance? Are you a fan of Jo Malone as well?

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