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I'm finally back on this little blog!! A lot has been going on lately (despite the fact that I'm currently on holidays) and although I've had many ideas for blog posts, there really hasn't been any time to plan, execute and publish a post. With a busy christmas and summer coming up, I can't guarantee a lot of posts but I'll try to squeeze in as many as I can and stay tuned for a few christmas posts coming up soon!

Anyway, since I've been away for quite a while now, I thought I would give you a little update of a few things that I have been up to recently.

My church had a girls social where we made our own flower crowns and bouquets. Here is my little bunch I created.

Finally did Bondi to Coogee on what felt like the hottest day ever with some people from my uni biblestudy. It is a lovely walk along the coastline with lots of beaches in between and you don't need to walk through the bush at all. It took us less than 2 hours but we didn't really have too many breaks. If you haven't been, I would definitely recommend it but choose a slightly cooler day and leave a bit of time so that you can stop off by the beaches on the way for a bit and take a lot of pictures!

Currently obsessed with golden hour - the time just after sunrise or just before sunset. The light is just so pretty.

I've got this sampler pack of 10 T2 black flavoured teas and I am currently testing them all out. So far I'm loving the french earl grey and creme brulee ones.

I've been getting in to journaling recently and it has been really relaxing and nice to document memories and things that have happened which I hope to remember in the future.

Also, I picked up the new body shop body washes: frosted berries which is like a nostalgic scent for me and takes me back to yr 10 as well as vanilla chai which smells like a sweet chai latte. so good!!

I've also been away with the family on two occasions recently just for a couple of days, to Salamander Bay and Shoal Bay which are in the Port Stephens area. Planning to share a couple of photos from those trips on the blog soon.

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