fruit picking at anderson farm

Since we've been on uni holidays over the past few weeks, a group of friends and I thought we would use this extra time to explore a bit further out of the city and go fruit picking. After a bit of researching online, we decided to visit Anderson Farm. Located by the Hawkesbury River in Sackville, Anderson Farm grows Emperor, Imperial and Hickson Mandarins as well as Washington Navel and Seville Oranges.

So on an early Tuesday morning, seven of us packed into two cars and after an hour and a bit of driving, we had arrived.  Entry is $5 for adults, where you can pick and try as many mandarins and oranges as you like, working out which trees bear the sweetest fruit. If you would like to take any mandarins or oranges home with you, a bucket of fruit is $10. 

After a quick demonstration on how to pick the fruit, we were left to explore and wander through the seemingly endless lines of mandarin and orange trees.

The whole orchard felt so peaceful and we felt like the only ones there despite seeing quite a few cars parked outside the orchard when we left.

Cute cows in a neighbouring paddock. 

I would definitely recommend visiting Anderson Farm if you have a bit of time on your hands to drive out there (just make sure that the mandarins and oranges are in season before you go). It's well worth it!

Anderson Farm: 968 Sackville Ferry Road, Sackville North NSW 2756.

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